Before Power Tools for Tableau, there was InterWorks.

Power Tools for Tableau were first conceived by the bright consulting minds at InterWorks. After years of working with clients across virtually every industry, InterWorks sought to improve their Tableau experience by creating custom tools designed to streamline their workflow.

In time, we found that some of these tools had even broader applications across a variety needs. It wasn’t long until the light bulb came on. Why not turn these solutions into tools that could be used by anyone? Thus, Power Tools for Tableau were born.

Today, the Power Tools brand is still very much a part of InterWorks and is backed by our small army of Tableau and data experts. What’s more, the Power Tools team is one of few officially sponsored Tableau Technology partners. Power Tools have even been adopted by high-profile Tableau clients on all major continents!

By pairing these tools with our award-winning consulting and training services provided under the InterWorks banner, we’ve effectively covered every Tableau need out there. Don’t take our word for it; see for yourself why Power Tools are quite simply the tools you need to manage Tableau.

More About InterWorks

Want to learn more about InterWorks’ consulting and training services beyond Power Tools? Head to our official website to see the full spectrum of our services. We’ve helped organizations just like yours across the globe. You might be surprised to discover just how much we can do to help you get further on your data journey.