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In this updated tutorial video, Zion Spencer shares how to automate, archive and rollback Tableau workbooks using the Enterprise Deployment Tool for Tableau (EDT).


First, Zion walks through selecting a pre-configured plan, which we will migrate from a test environment to a production environment using EDT. EDT runs through all the changes you would have to make manually and deploys your workbooks to the production environment almost instantly. EDT lets you keep complete records of your deployments, as well.


Next, Zion walks through the Version Control feature to create an archive for an entire deployment. He simply runs the same deployment again and EDT assigns unique IDs to each of the newly uploaded workbooks along with time and date stamps. You can repeat this until you run out of space on Tableau Server.


Finally, Zion demonstrates how rollbacks work in EDT. You can even roll back everything within a deployment at one time if you wish. All you have to do is hit the Roll Back button, select a destination and deployment site, select which workbooks and data sources you want to roll back, and hit the Roll Back button once more. That’s it!

To learn more about what EDT can do or to get your copy today, visit the official EDT page.