Version 1.34 is a feature release for Power Tools: Deployment application.
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– Beta support for Tableau 2018.3. Minimum support is now Tableau 10.1.
– Added explicity authentication type selection to Set Connection Info transformations. Most connection types support “Prompt” and “Embedded Password.”
– Added viewer credential authentication type selection to Set Connection Info transformations for several connection types.

Bug Fixes:
– Fixed an issue where Hadoop-like connections using viewer credentials would include an empty password, leading Tableau Server to show the connection information incorrectly.
– Fixed an error where unchecking the Select All checkbox on the workbook list would have selected workbooks remain if the workbook list had many items.
– Fixed several usability issues with the parent project drop down on the create project dialog.
– Fixed an error that could cause permissions to not copy during deployment when the option was selected.