Version 1.36 is a feature release for Power Tools: Deployment application.
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Added a new “Replace Text” workbook transformation to find and replace text in one or more areas of the workbook.

This feature allows the user to specify what text they would like to replace and the scope at which the tool will find and replace with the new text. The steps to utilize this tool are:

  • Select the workbook(s) you would like to apply this transformation to:
  • Insert the text you would like to replace in the “Match” field and the desired new text in the “Replacement” field. You are able to select which scopes that the tool will look for the desired text and apply the change. If it is unable to find the text, you are able to enable a warning message during the deployment if it is unable to find the text in the desired scopes:


Added the ability to set the encryption mode for Teradata connections in the “Set Connection Info” transformation.