We have updated our Power Tools branding. Any references to software/feature naming conventions may no longer be accurate in this article.


A lot like our other Power Tools for Tableau, we’ve been serving up custom web-based Tableau portals for some time. We decided it was high time we made these offerings official. So, we did! Say hello to Portals for Tableau.

What Are Portals for Tableau?

Unfortunately, these portals have nothing to do with the space/time continuum. We’re a good couple years out from integrating wormholes into our Tableau offerings. They’re still pretty darn exciting, and for good reason.

Portals for Tableau are web-based repositories for all of your Tableau workbooks. Using Tableau’s JavaScript API and our extensive expertise in Tableau and web development, we can create a cohesive and slick platform where you can navigate through and interact with all of your Tableau workbooks. Think of a portal as your very own customized Tableau CMS. A Tableau portal is also an excellent way to foster user adoption within your organization as they’re usable by anyone who can navigate a web page. This puts people closer to data that matters to them.

A Tableau Portal Gives You:

  • A streamlined interface
  • Easy navigation
  • Customizable look and feel
  • Editable and global filters
  • Effortless dashboard discoverability
  • Dashboard commenting
  • Configurable security and permissions
  • Downloadable dashboards in multiple formats (PDF, .CSV, Image)
  • Support for responsive design (coming soon!)

Get Your Portal!

Want to see how a Tableau portal can get your organization to buy into your Tableau efforts? Visit our official Portals for Tableau page for more information.
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