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Version 1.11 is a feature release for the Enterprise Deployment Tool for Tableau.

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  • Users and groups can now be selected from a list when setting permissions. Arbitrary text is still supported.
  • Removing extracts from data sources will now remove the packaged file if there are no further references to the file.
  • Added the ability to remove workbook tags during deployment.
  • Added a data source transformation for setting calculation formulas.
  • Application styling and usability improvements.
  • Improved background loading to reduce the number of login requests that are made.
  • Improved scalability on systems with many users when REST API is available.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a crash when deploying archived workbooks in a non-rollback scenario.
  • Fixed an error where data sources might not be available for selection in the published data source transformation dialog.
  • Fixed an error where certain workbooks might lose legend titles during deployment.
  • Fixed errors where certain workbooks could not be deployed due to overly-strict validation of XML.
  • Fixed an error where temporary files would not be cleaned up when opening TDSX files.