We have updated our Power Tools branding. Any references to software/feature naming conventions may no longer be accurate in this article.

Version 1.7 is a feature release for the Enterprise Deployment Tool for Tableau.

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  • Partial support for Tableau Server 9.0 Beta. Workbook listing on Tableau Server 9.0 is more scalable, but may be significantly slower. If you experience very long loading times please let us know.
  • EDT now requires at least Windows Vista or newer with .NET Framework v4.5 or newer installed. The installer will download and install .NET Framework 4.5 if needed.
  • Added the ability to disable extract refreshing after deployment.
  • Added the ability to delete plan files from the start screen.
  • Added full support for Hadoop and Teradata connections to data source transformations.
  • Added more support for SSL/Kerberos authentication to data source transformations.
  • Tags will now be maintained for published data sources during deployment.
  • Improvements to plan canceling responsiveness.
  • Errors in workbook transformations will now cause deployment failure instead of warnings.
  • Sorted data source transformation connection type list in alphabetical order instead of Tableau order.
  • Added a feedback link to the application.
  • Minor spacing improvements to the deployment log.
  • Minor styling fixes/tweaks.

Bug Fixes:

  • Many improvements/fixes in underlying SDKs.
  • Removed server, port, and file from the data source transformation dialog for server connections because it was easy to create broken workbooks. A safer way to make changes to server connections will be available in a future release.
  • Several fixes to validation handling.
  • Several other minor bug fixes.