About four years ago, we released a new tool that would be the first of its kind and would help Tableau admins and desktop developers with mass style standardization in their Tableau workbooks. There are now several thousand users who have saved countless hours with Power Tools: Desktop, specifically the Style Management feature.

Since then, we’ve listened to ongoing requests from our clients and the greater Tableau community. We realized there would be a significant impact on expanding functionality to include options, such as saving style sheets with custom themes. In fact, it became one of the most requested items for our Power Tools for Tableau Suite.

We set out to build those new capabilities and we’re excited to announce that they are now available. You can find it in the pre-release version of a brand new tool called Viz Templates.

Getting Started with Viz Templates

If you’re new to Power Tools: Desktop, you can check it out by downloading a free trial here. If you’ve already downloaded Power Tools: Desktop, you can access the pre-release version of this tool by following these simple steps. There are still several things we plan to add and polish up, but we know it’s going to have a significant impact in its present form.

From the home screen of Power Tools: Desktop, you’ll click on the gear icon at the top right (which represents the Settings menu). In the Advanced section of Settings, select the Install Beta Updates option.

After you hit the OK button and close the application, you’ll have the option to download the latest version of the tool the next time you open the tool. The Viz Templates tool will then appear on the home screen of Power Tools: Desktop. Selecting the Viz Templates tool from the home screen will provide you with the options shown below:

Viz Templates covers a range of use cases. A template can be a simple utility that targets specific categories of formatting, such as borders and lines. It can also be a full workbook theme with custom formatting throughout the workbook.

Clean Worksheets

This option is a simple use case that removes all the borders and lines from worksheets.


This is our sample of a full workbook theme. It applies a baseline set of fonts and colors and includes some of the best practices used by our team of consultants at InterWorks.


Allows the users to create a template that applies their organization’s best practices. When you select one of these options, you’ll proceed to the template editor as shown below:

If you’re used to working with CSS, this syntax will be very familiar to you. In the future, we’ll provide some GUI options on the left side of this screen. In the meantime, if you need any assistance navigating this format, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

On the right, you’ll see the option to choose the workbook(s) that the template will be applied to after the Apply Template button is selected. Workbooks can be selected from Tableau Server or the user’s local machine. If you’d like to explore the capabilities of this tool without providing one of your own workbooks, you can select the Sample Workbook option.

In this screen, if you choose the option to Preview the workbook (on the far right) it will not modify the original workbook file. You will simply be able to view an example of the workbook after the template has been applied. When you’re comfortable with the changes, you can Save As in Tableau Desktop or click the Apply Template button to save to your local machine or Tableau Server.

Viz Templates currently works with Tableau v10.0 and up. Filters, parameters, legends, titles, captions and field headers are all supported. Below are the formatting options included:

  • Fonts
    • Family, Size, Color, Bold, Italic, Underline
  • Shading
    • Dashboards, Titles
  • Borders and Lines
    • Grid Lines, Dividers

Looking Ahead

We plan to add additional enhancements to Viz Templates over the next few months that will include:

  • Tableau 9.3 Support
  • Field Labels
  • Data Highlighters
  • Totals/Grand Totals
  • Marks
    • Labels, Text, Tooltips

Want to learn more about the ways you can save time with our new Viz Templates tool? Just click the Contact Us button at the bottom of this page and let us know that you’d like to check out all of the possibilities.