2017 has seen some exciting announcements come out of the data community! Linux is finally coming to Tableau and Hyper replaced Tableau Extracts (TDE). Power Tools for Tableau has also had its fair share of impressive releases. From updated versions, new features and case study blogs, we’re eager to share this year’s Power Tools highlights!

New Versions and Features

Each application of Power Tools for Tableau saw important updates and features added. Power Tools: Deployment had the most versions released this year. After beginning 2017 with version 1.22, it is now ending with 1.29. Likewise, Power Tools: Desktop and Server have also been upgraded and their versions now stand at v1.26 and v1.4. To gain a comprehensive view of what changed in each tool, check out our version summary blog.

Other features we were excited to roll out this year include:

Viz Templates, however, is possibly the most exciting feature announced this year. Thousands of users work with Power Tools: Desktop and it has saved them countless hours. One of the most popular tools has been Style Management, and we’ve received many requests over the years for increased functionality around customizable style sheets and themes. We responded to those requests with Viz Templates.

With Viz Templates, you have the ability to create clean worksheets with just a few clicks. Your organization’s design best practices and custom templates can be saved and quickly applied to workbooks in an automated fashion. And that’s not all! In the coming months, Viz Templates will have some brand new capabilities added to the graphical style editor and more options for field labels, data highlighters, totals and marks! Learn more about how you can get started with Viz Templates on our blog.

Above: Example of the Viz Template home screen.

Additional Resources

We also amped up our blog content game! We participated in two webinars over Best Practices for Tableau Performance and Automation and Quality Assurance with Power Tools. Plus, we created a number of videos to help the Tableau community get better acquainted with these tools. Our demo videos looked at:

Also in 2017, we published many new blogs for our Spotlight Series, which looks at individual use cases of certain applications in the Power Tools suite. We interviewed several InterWorks consultants to find out how they have used Power Tools to help their clients. Unsurprisingly, Power Tools became a necessity for maintaining and organizing their workbooks. You can see the full list of Spotlight posts below:

Power Tools: Server - Environment Overivew

Above: The Environment Overview dashboard in Power Tools: Server.

The Year’s Biggest Wins

It’s been exciting to see Power Tools expand throughout the global Tableau community in 2017. These tools are now used in more than 20 countries and word is rapidly spreading about their ability to transform the way that people use Tableau. We saw several thousand users make their way to the Power Tools website to download trials this year. In fact, there was a 40% increase in the number of downloads from last year! If you haven’t yet had a chance to download Power Tools: Desktop and get started on your discovery, don’t wait any longer!

This was also our first year to get things churning with Power Tools: Server. Several clients around the world got up and going with this brand-new tool and we’ve been excited to see them consider it as an integral part of their process for managing Tableau. We would be glad to help set up a free trial of Power Tools: Server so you can see how it helps monitor and troubleshoot the performance and usage of Tableau Server.

If you’d like further information regarding any of these features or tools, please get in touch with us!