We have updated our Power Tools branding. Any references to software/feature naming conventions may no longer be accurate in this article.

Just last week, Tableau added Power Tools for Tableau to their official list of Technology Partners. Tableau Technology partners are organizations that work closely with Tableau to build and integrate tools complementary to Tableau.

Given the nature of our products (Tableau is also in the name of our brand after all), it doesn’t get any more complementary than Power Tools!

So, What Does Becoming a Technology Partner Mean?

Though Power Tools are already officially endorsed by Tableau, becoming an official Technology Partner says a lot about the impact our tools have already made on the Tableau community as well as their potential to do more.

This new level of partnership means that we’ll now be working extra close with the folks at Tableau to make Power Tools even more useful and relevant for Tableau users. The end goal, of course, is to improve the total Tableau experience for users.

We’re firm believers in the effectiveness of Tableau’s community. We think it’s one of primary reasons Tableau has been and continues to be so successful.

A big part of that community is exceptional partners, be they Alliance, OEM, Reseller or Technology partners. We’re thrilled to take on a bigger role in this continuum so that we can bring can bring you even more jaw-dropping tools.

Want to learn more on what this partnership means for Power Tools and InterWorks? View the full release on the InterWorks blog.

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