Version 1.2 is a feature release for the Power Tools: Server application.

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  • You can now download a tableau workbook containing performance information about a view session.
  • Published data source queries, which are run in data server processes, are now shown in the view session details screen.
  • Power Tools Server can now gather information directly from the tableau repository, and you can supply connection information in the environment administration screen.
  • On several screens you can now filter items by site.
  • We’ve tested our beta 10.2 support against 10.2 RTM and now consider 10.2 support official.
  • Agent registration can now auto-detect which processes should be defined for the server.
  • External data request histograms can now be configured through the externalDataRequestDurationconfiguration key, before it shared the configuration of the viewLoadDuration key.
  • Added descriptions to TDS download links.
  • Ongoing incidents are now easier to identify on incident screens.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug cleaning up vizql session temporary data in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug where details for availability incidents were shown in notifications, but not in the actual incident details screen.
  • Fixed an error processing queries with very long connection strings.
    Made potential fixes for loading view information in certain circumstances.