Manage Your Tableau Workbooks Through Code

If you’ve attempted to hack a solution together that automatically updates or generates Tableau reports, there’s a good chance you’ve wasted a bunch of time spinning your wheels. Our development team did, as well … until we built the Workbook SDK for Tableau.

Our team was running into the same challenges with many of our clients, and we wanted to see if there was a better way to programmatically change workbooks and share them. As we went down this road, we got the blessing of Tableau to make our newly built SDK available to the masses. Fast forward to now, and the Workbook SDK for Tableau is still the go-to solution for integration with your Tableau workbooks.

These are some common scenarios where people depend on our SDK:

  • Making copies of a template workbook and replace elements that are specific to the end user (replacing data sources, adding a logo, changing style selections)
  • Dynamically update parameters
  • Auditing workbooks to make sure that the contents are in line with company policies
  • Changing themes and styles across workbooks
  • Pulling out the metadata in your workbooks
  • Incorporating finely tuned edits to a large number of workbooks at one time (replacing URLs, changing tooltips, setting zoom controls)

You can check out a trial of the SDK by clicking this link. This SDK comes with documentation and code samples for the most common scenarios. Our Power Tools for Tableau support team is available to provide insight on what others have done throughout the Tableau community.