Keep Performance Sharp with ServerCare for Tableau

ServerCare for Tableau is an ongoing service that will get your Tableau Server healthy and ensure that it stays healthy. Our highly experienced consultants will work with you to create a comprehensive solution that includes health checks, performance monitoring, support and more.

After the initial consultation, you will be able to confidently monitor, diagnose and manage the daily issues that are relevant for every administrator. This comprehensive approach will give you the peace of mind that your Tableau Server is consistently performing at the highest possible standard.

The health of your Tableau Server is critical to the overall adoption and ultimate success of Tableau within your organization. Conversely, poor performance quickly erodes the confidence of users and drives them away from the platform. Poor performance can be caused by a myriad of issues with dashboards, data sources/extracts, background jobs, infrastructure and more. Our consultants and tools have the ability to quickly diagnose and address these issues.

We’ll work with you to identify the critical components of your solution.  Potential pieces of ServerCare for Tableau include:

  • Server monitoring and alerts
  • Workbook performance testing
  • Automated workbook and data source deployments
  • Training – designing workbooks for performance
  • Adoption and usage tracking consultation
  • On-call Desktop and Server support
  • Tableau Server upgrade support
  • Quarterly health checks
  • Tableau governance consultation
  • Best practices management
  • Data source auditing