In order to give you a clear picture of how Power Tools: Deployment works, we have created two videos to show you exactly how to use Power Tools. These videos help explain the ease and functionality using Power Tools: Deployment brings to a formerly cumbersome process of moving workbooks around on Tableau Server.

Deployment Demo

The first video is a Deployment Demo and displays the start-up of the deployment tool while explaining the efficiency Power Tools for Tableau brings to your workbooks. The tool is also exceptionally quick to initialize, as you will see, there is barely time to sip your coffee.

Creating a Deployment Plan

After the introduction in the first video, the second shows you some specific options in Power Tools: Deployment that make your quality assurance process run much smoother. It teaches you about the watermarking and tagging process that can easily be implemented for all of your workbooks. Power Tools: Deployment simplifies the process of manually moving your workbooks from one place to another, something you’ll never have to do again with Power Tools for Tableau.