With the release of Tableau v10.3, our development team put in a lot of hard work to build compatibility across all the latest functionalities. Beta support is now available in the latest version in each of our applications. You can get those by clicking on these links:

Download v1.23 of Power Tools: Desktop

Download v1.26 of Power Tools: Deployment

If you’re still hanging onto Tableau v9, you will still have compatibility in our tools. However, for any folks that are using Tableau v8, you’ll want to be aware that we’re no longer actively supporting that in our tools (since it is further back than two major versions of Tableau).

We have also made several enhancements to Power Tools: Server and Power Tools: Desktop. Here is a rundown of what you will get with the latest download of each tool:

Power Tools for Tableau: Server v1.3

Our charts have become increasingly interactive for the user. You can now drag your mouse on a chart and select a specific time frame. Once selected, you can zoom down into the data (for the window of time that you’ve selected). This is, of course, helpful for digging into the specifics of a performance scenario. Let’s say you wanted to investigate this spike in load times that took place at 1:18 pm:

You’ll now get a magnifying glass while hovering over the selected time span. When you click on that area, it will adjust the screen’s time filter to fit the selected range.

Another improvement can be found in the help screen that includes our documentation and support options. We now have the option for admins to download a bundle of master server log files to their machine.

We have encountered some scenarios where the application has issues with data processing and it needed to be handled more gracefully. Those processing challenges are now being skipped over and logged in a way that we can more quickly troubleshoot if necessary. Another challenge was related to intermittent connections to the message queue or master database, and those are being handled more effectively as well.

Incidents have been enhanced in a few different areas. We have improved the notification emails that specified users receive when an incident takes place (i.e. slow view, slow query).  We also realized there was a need to require multiple “strikes” before an environment or agent would be considered down.  The system now requires 3 strikes for that particular type of incident to be logged.

The process for setting up installations/upgrades for Power Tools: Server has improved in several ways and is easier than ever before. If you’d like to get started on a free trial, we would be glad to get you on the installation schedule.

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Power Tools for Tableau: Desktop v1.23

We have several fixes available in this release. The Workbook Merge tool would occasionally run into a challenge when detecting if a workbook file was TWBX or TWB. That’s all good to go now!

There has also been an improvement in the Data Source Discovery tool and its ability to display available data sources. We had some cases where only certain data sources were showing up, but we figured out and fixed this issue.

The last item we addressed in this release was a scenario where users were not authorized on any Tableau Server sites. It caused the application to crash while it was searching for the connection. That’s no longer the case in v1.23.

If you are planning to be at the Tableau Conference in October in Las Vegas, we hope you’ll plan to stop by our booth and check out a very notable addition that’s currently in the works for Power Tools Desktop. We would be glad to schedule a time with you in advance, so you can be one of the first to see it!

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