We’ve been working on updating Power Tools: Desktop, Deployment, and Server for Tableau 10.5 over the past few months. Today, we’re releasing an update to Power Tools: Server bringing beta support for Tableau 10.5 support across the suite.

“Beta support” simply means we’ve done an initial round of testing with the latest version of Tableau and all critical functionality is working as expected. A future update will bring “official support” which means we’ve fully ensured compatibility with the latest version of Tableau.

We mentioned last month that we’ve made a few changes across all the tools to prepare for Tableau 10.5. You can read last month’s post for the details but as a quick reminder:

  • All Power Tools products now require the Tableau REST API to be enabled on your server.
  • Tableau 10.5 added support for nested projects but Power Tools does not support these yet. Any content (workbooks or data sources) that you publish to a Tableau 10.5 sub-project will not be accessible in Power Tools. Don’t worry! We love sub-projects and are working on bringing full support for them to all of Power Tools in a future update.

Power Tools: Server v1.5

Power Tools: Server v1.5 includes many improvements to overall stability. Rather than focusing on new features, this release was all about hardening up the features we already have. But, of course we also added support for Tableau 10.5! Read the full release notes for v1.5.

Already running Power Tools: Server? Contact our support team and we’ll help you get upgraded right away.

We are already hard at work on the next update to Power Tools: Server. Stay tuned for more news as we continue creating the best solution for monitoring your Tableau Server performance.