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We’ve been keeping this tool under wraps for a little bit now, but our Enterprise Deployment Tool (EDT) for Tableau is now officially available! We’ve made a lot of useful tools up to this point, but EDT may be the biggest yet. Why? Because it’s the manifestation of years of enterprise-level consulting experience poured into one dynamic application.

What is the Enterprise Deployment Tool for Tableau?

The Enterprise Deployment Tool is the first application of its kind for Tableau. It gives users an automated, auditable, batch method to manage Tableau workbook deployments between multiple environments. In other words, it makes transferring your hard work from point A to point B a breeze. That means no more tedious, manual workbook transformation. Now, you can rapidly promote workbooks from one environment to another with just a few clicks.

Here’s What You Can Do:

  • Add/edit/remove Tableau Server environments from tool
  • Select multiple workbooks to deploy from source environment to target environment
  • Map data connections to change for each workbook during deployment
  • Save mapping setting for data connections and projects
  • Specify project to deploy each workbook to in target environment
  • Archive previous versions of workbooks to a separate project if selected
  • Rename workbooks during deployment

Who Should Use the Enterprise Deployment Tool?

EDT was created specifically for the enterprise. It’s an ideal tool for organizations with mountains of Tableau workbooks and multiple environments. We’re not saying that it can’t be used by anyone, but enterprise users will certainly get the most bang for their buck. Large organizations will also find that EDT can help drastically in facilitating user adoption across the board. That’s because it allows you to manage separate deployments in a matter of minutes. Easy, right?

Let’s Get Started

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