Version 1.1 is a feature release for the Power Tools: Server application.

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  • View information is now tracked at the request level, instead of at the VizQL session level.
  • Triggers for slow view incidents can now be narrowed down to a specific set of users.
  • When navigating between different dashboards the current time range is now maintained.
  • Beta support for Tableau v10.2.
  • On the VizQL Session, View Requests, and Slowest Views screens you can now filter items by username.
  • Many other minor improvements (see full release notes for details).

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug affecting query detection when run from the VizQL process.
  • Fixed a bug with memory spark line charts showing percentages instead of GB like the full charts show.
  • Fixed issues that could sometimes cause requests to not be matched to a VizQL session.
  • Fixed an error when downloading the TDS for custom reports in certain situations.